Michael and Ashley volunteering on San Nicolas Island doing native plant restoration.

Red Mountain Succulents was started by Michael Bellamy and Ashley Ebel in 2011. Michael was born and raised in Ventura county a stone's throw from Red Mountain. With many years working in the Ventura County Agricultural Department, he has acquired a vast knowledge of plants; including California Natives, succulents, tillandsias, and many others. Ashley has many years of experience working outdoors with the public and with plants. She also worked with the Ventura County Agricultural Department, moving on to work as a hiking guide and as a Park Ranger for Ventura County.

Our goal is to connect people with nature and being outdoors through our plants. Always sustainably and naturally grown, our plants and designs will meet your drought-tolerant needs. Red Mountain Succulents is a small, family owned nursery dedicated to growing and propagating the best succulents around.


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